Internship Opportunities: Part 1 – Generation

Disclaimer: I want to keep this series of write-ups on opportunities brief, pointed, direct and make it sound more like a conversation than a drab to beat around the bush to convey my point in the last line.

It had been a long break after my last article in June. A lot has happened in between. I completed my first year of SET Masters (Woohoo!), went to India for 3 weeks for a splendid vacation and finally started my internship. Today, I want to talk about something that everyone out there had been asking me before they came here and will continue to ask for the coming few months. Truthfully, I wasn’t an exception either. What are the opportunities available for SET students?

  1. Do not worry about the availability of opportunities. You may have just begin your coursework now. So, it is a great chance to explore the possible options out there in various kinds of energy sectors. There are opportunities available in every field of energy (more importantly if you’re confused about which profile cluster to pick). If you are smart, you can even create new opportunities, be it research project or for employment. So, there. I have been reading a lot about the Energy scene in EU and my home country India too. While you may pick your favourite from Solar, Wind, Storage, Hydrogen, Bioenergy, do not stick to it like a loyal Gryffindor. While you specialise your interest area , keep a tab on the others and their trends.
  2. Be an Ideator (Idea Generator)What do I mean by this? I have already met some of you who read a lot of papers, news and technology articles related to RE on various domains. Keep it going. Read. Share. Talk. Discuss. This is one of the nice exercises to discuss and brainstorm. You have the time (don’t say you don’t, you darn well do)! When you initially try it, you may find it hard but keep doing it. You may or may not have an agenda initially, but soon you’ll start making them. Decide a topic, schedule a time, meet once a week and let the games begin! It could be a technology and how it can solve a problem (on the lines of research); or how it can be implemented. Over a period of time, you generate a lot of heat. Keep noting down those thoughts/ideas. Work on them later and see what potential it can hold. Or else, your weekly assignments from coursework should spur interesting discussions. Initiate them in class and slowly take it offline (or online)! I use Evernote app to write down the flow of thoughts and I look them up later.3. Be Pro-Active

    Do not wait for someone to take the initiative. You take it. Initiative to do what? The world of opportunities is right in your hand: internet.  Start scouting for challenges or problems that you want to focus on. There are hackathons, climathons, (let me know of more -athons) happening in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany (and of course rest of Europe too, but they are nearer). Make groups and attend them. Design workable solutions. Collaborate with students from other universities. Attend lectures followed by networking events where its all a game of how well you can sell yourself to the market out there. Even if you think they’re no opportunities hidden in their sleeves, still, sell yourself. It could be a good practice of pitching yourself, or some silent admirer behind you is already noting down points about you mentally. Being pro-active is so much more fun and is an exercise that can open new windows or previously closed ones. If you find it hard to get started, knock on my door or get back to step 2.

Are you upset that I cajoled you into thinking that I would explain you how to find internships and instead asked you to move your lazy bum across Europe? Forget Europe, the TU campus is sufficient for now if you can do it well. I didn’t want to sound too preachy and hope I succeeded in it. I’d like to design and create my own platter instead of waiting to be served. Period.

Click here for Part 2.



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